50 Years of the theory of Produktsprache

≈ Product Language

≈ Product Semantics

≈ Design Language

2021 Summary of designtheory as verbalization-of-product-language and as visualization-of-verbal-language


Designtheory 1.0


Designtheory 2.0


A summary by Gros, J.

Stilwandel unter MitSprache des Design

Review of the Development and Use of the Theory of Product Language


Der Offenbacher Ansatz  

Zur Theorie der Produktsprache,

Thilo Schwer, Kai Vöckler (Hg.)

Open Access German PDF

What is design specific in Human Product Interaction?

                                                             DESIGN LANGUAGE

What is design specific in Human Computer Interaction?



to a theory of Sign Language

≈ Icon Language

≈ Emoji Language

≈ Visual Writng


Computer Numeric Controlled Production



from industrial production to CNC production,

from Modernism to „Digitalism“ .

Paper and Presentation YouTube, DUXU Conference 2021

Visual Writing at the State-of-the-Art


embodied in architecture and product design.


Just a Vision?


  1. 1.THESIS: Although the computer already masters and transmits all verbal and alphabetic languages, its specific, its authentic, its fundamentally new potential is not English, German or Chinese, but sign language. Thus, one could almost say in general: The usability of digital technology also depends on a linguistically still underdeveloped pictorial sign language.


  1. 2.With sign language as its specific subject, design theory calls for research projects in the field of  pictograms, icons and emojis with regard to the evolution, the developing and use of a virtually global visual language  that combines the respective advances of pictograms, icons, and, last but not least, emojis.

As of 2022, this idea will only be continued at